At Egg Next Door we care about the community spirit in our towns, villages and cities. We know the community starts in school and is led by the hard work teachers and parents put in, going the extra mile.

Egg Next Door is all about community, so after creating the best platform to sell handmade, homegrown goods, we had teachers and PTA members tell us that Egg Next Door would be excellent for fundraising, and letting pupils create and run business projects. So we had a dilemma, what do you charge schools for this service? We thought: £0 to pay up front, with £0 to pay later, and full commission to our schools sounded fair. This equates to the top subscription (that’s £96 a year) FOR YOUR SCHOOL, FOR LIFE, FOR FREE!

How we could help.

Fairs and Events. You could start selling pupils goods before and after events, with people who miss the big day being able to contribute. There are also people that just can’t make it to such events, such as relatives that live too far away, and people that cant physically get to the event, who would love to contribute. Now they can!

Enterprise Project Support. We all love to see the next generation learning and succeeding in a safe environment. Experiencing running a business would be quite a task for teachers and pupils. The setup is so simple with our platform young people could start their own business (shop) on Egg Next Door, make a product, upload it to their shop, and sell it to family, friends and the community, all from the safety of the school environment. Their own little business experience in a box.

With our Expert subscription which you would get free, you can make multiple shops for different projects/ classes. There’s no limit on any metric.

Support for Curricular and Enhancement of Extracurricular Activities. There is an emphasis on creating in schools and rightly so. Whether it’s in Art, technology, drama or extracurricular crafting classes. There is a lot of effort put into letting young people have fun experiences. The chances are the school, teachers and pupils have put a lot of time, effort and money into their work. There is quite often a product at the end that people would love to buy. If the young enthusiasts don’t want to keep their creations of course.  Such as; Art; sculptures plus much much more, Technology; all sorts of woodwork and food, Drama; videos of the latest production, Crafting after class; that beautiful dress or piece of art they or you just don’t have room for can make a bit of money for the next big project.

Fundraising. As a school community, you are always trying your best to give the children and teenagers the best experience possible; inevitably this costs money. The go-to solution to alleviate a cash flow problem is a fundraiser. With Egg Next Door fundraising events can make a huge impact.  Instead of having just a couple of hours to hold an event you could stretch it out over a much bigger length of time, give the people that cannot get to the school a chance to contribute. This could all lead up to the big night with family and friends in the dinner hall buying the goods the pupils have worked hard to make and leaving the school with a much larger pot of money. The students can become more involved with the online side because the site is very user-friendly.

Our thoughts at Egg Next Door

We are offering this totally free because the children of today are the future and there is nothing more important than that. We aren’t saving lives or feeding the starving, but we hope to contribute to all the communities out there, and we know education is such an important part of community. You never know, one of the young minds that use Egg Next Door in school could go on to do something great for all of us.

Teachers, you are crafting the future of our children, you don’t get the recognition you deserve but if we can help at Egg Next Door let us know. You are all amazing people.

Parents, family members and all-round good people. If you are starting a project for a school/charity get in touch! Also, let teachers know we are here to help in any way.

All the best in all your endeavours.

The whole team at Egg Next Door.


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