Hey there! Thanks for stopping by. We’re Egg Next Door, and we’re passionate about reconnecting communities with talented local makers, producers and craftspeople.

We believe that handcrafted and homemade products are so much better than mass-produced stuff. That warm, fuzzy feeling you get after buying something that’s been lovingly produced by a skilled craftsperson is something that simply can’t be replicated in factories or warehouses.

We also think that local producers don’t get enough credit. In a world where you can buy anything with the click of a button, people seem to have forgotten the makers in their own neighbourhoods.

But that’s about to change! Our website features a nifty search engine that connects you with all kinds of amazing makers. You can search by postcode, by product or by category. Just enter your preferences, click search, and our clever website will show you all the awesome products that match your description – including ones in your area. Pretty cool, huh?

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for jewellery or jumpers, homeware or honey, wooden furniture or wedding decorations. Whatever you want, there’s someone nearby who makes it, and Egg Next Door will help you find them.

(By the way, as much as we love shopping local, Egg Next Door also lets you order things from further away. The skilful seller will always get 100% of the money you spend on their product, no matter where they’re from. After all, they earned it!)

Who’s behind Egg Next Door?

Egg Next Door was created by Jony Griffiths, a lifelong craftsman with a plan to make things better for his fellow makers and the communities they live in. Here’s his story.

My family and I have always made things by hand. From garden-grown vegetables and homemade jam to wooden birdhouses and hand-knitted toys for my kids, our lives are made better by the things we make.

One of my biggest passions is beekeeping. Unfortunately, selling homemade honey isn’t as easy as it used to be. Lots of websites let you sell things, but they also charge a hefty commission fee.

What’s more, I knew that there must be people in my area who’d love to buy local produce. I didn’t want to send my honey across the country when there are people down the street who’d enjoy it just as much

I chatted to some other makers, and discovered that they were having similar problems. They needed a way to market their handmade products to people in their neighbourhoods, without losing their profits to advertisers.

That’s when I hatched my plan for Egg Next Door: a community-based website where every seller gets to keep 100% of the money they earn.

Buyers can find the hidden gems on their doorsteps, while supporting the talented people in their communities and keeping money in the local economy. It’s a win-win for everyone!”

What will you discover?

There are all sorts of amazing things on Egg Next Door.

Whether you’re shopping for something special or fancy selling your own handmade products, join our friendly community and find yourself some good eggs today!

Got a question that needs answering? Check out our FAQ for all the info you need.